Crystal Collector and Crystal Lover

Hello visitors, my name is Jenny and I am the owner and team of Crystalized Co. I opened this small business out of my love and passion for crystals and energetic healing. I have a deep love and long time relationship with many crystals in my personal collection and have met several unique contacts and sources to obtain these crystals along the way while growing my own collection. I am originally from the central coast of California and moved to North Carolina in 2014 to be with family. I wasn't always a gems dealer, although I have always been a Crystal Specimen collector and have always believed in power and presence of energies over anything else. I first started collecting crystals as a means of support and to sooth anxiety and alleviate my recurring nightmares. Being an empath I feel I am sensitive to energies of others which has always been both a blessing and sometimes can feel like a curse when you get overwhelmed, so I turn to crystals for support. As I started collecting more and more crystals and started searching for better mines and sources and forming bonds with my ethical sources, I got more and more people asking me to source crystals for them as well, and it wasn't till then that I even had the thought to offer these amazing gemstones to everyone in the world. Crystals are a pretty popular thing these days, so you do find them kind of everywhere, even home decor stores. I love seeing them everywhere, but I do take the time to make sure the crystals brought into my shop are consciously sourced and as harm free as possible. Not just any crystal will do when it comes to stocking the shop or filling my home. Thats how this small business started, I opened this shop for the sole purpose of helping other individuals such as your self to find ethically sourced crystals so people can connect with their first or next meaningful crystal piece with peace of mind. Be it a rose quartz tower, or chakra crystal set, a crystal bracelet, or gemstone pendant. Crystal jewelry is one of my favorite ways to connect with crystals, keeping them close really enforces that bond you have with these natural stones. I strive to provide the best possible quality to pass on to my shoppers. Stones in my shop have all been intuitively chosen, piece by piece, and are of the highest quality I can find. I have been very fortunate to have met gem traders or handlers who obtain unique or high demand finds to fill my shop with. I try my best to keep my shop filled with a wide variety of crystals types and shapes as well as other healing tools and divination tools. Rough crystals, tumbled stones, crystal towers, crystal wands and crystal points, crystal jewelry, bracelets, cleansing and charging supplies, smudge supplies, and unique original art crystal grids, spirit boards, tarot cards, incense and other unique finds, basically the works.. I just love crystals and hope to help you with your next crystal purchase. I do process orders as quick as possible even with the current pandemic effecting so many sides to an online business. I hope you enjoy browsing my shop, and make sure to check back often as new crystal treasures, healing tools and unique items are being added to the shop on a weekly basis.. Thank you so much... Be Well, Jenny

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